Gluminous™ photochromic pigment powders come in five exciting colors! When exposed to UV light (sunlight), they transition quickly from a dull grey or off-white to a brilliant color. They are hand packaged here in the USA.

What are photochromic pigments?

Photochromic pigments absorb electromagnetic radiation (usually in the form of sunlight), which causes a reversible transformation of a chemical species between two forms. These two forms are what allow our pigments change colors when exposed to the sun. Another example of this chemical effect is used in the creation of transition lenses for eyewear.

Gluminous photochromic pigments are produced with a powder size of 3-5 um (microns). This smaller sizes means a higher concentration of color compared to other similar products in the market.

They also have a heat resistance up to 230 degrees C.

What can I use these pigments in?

Our pigments are safe for non-internal uses (i.e. don’t put stuff this in your mouth, please) and can be mixed with a wide variety of mediums.

Obviously the most popular things are items that are going to be exposed to the sun at some point. For example, you can mix it with screen printers ink to make you own color changing shirts. You can add it to transparent or semi-transparent paints for painting outdoor furniture, a bike frame, etc. Add some to your nail polish for transition nails!

You can add it to various types of plastics, silicon rubber, and other medium where light can reach the pigments.