We had so much fun creating a community around our flagship product InstaMorph, we began searching for a new product where we could expand the fun. We remembered an experiment we ran a few years back where we mixed glow-in-the-dark powder into our plastic to create glow-in-the-dark InstaMorph. The end result was so cool! As we started researching, we found an entire world of color changing pigments that would not only be great in our plastic, but in all sorts of mediums.

We sourced some of the highest quality glow, thermo, and UV reactive powders out there and upgraded the packaging on them to bring the best purchasing and use experience to you, our customers. All of our powders are packaged in high quality, resealable, zippered pouches which are heat sealed before shipping to ensure they reach you safely.

We do everything in-house, from logo to website design, sourcing and packaging. We’re makers, DIYers, and artists. We’re Team Gluminous!

How did we come up with the name, Gluminous?

Well, as we researched the best glow powders, we were trying to find the one with the highest “luminous intensity” measured over time (how glow power is measured). We loved that word luminous so much, and took the “g” from “glow”, combined them, and got Gluminous!


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Gluminous™ pigment powders are packaged and shipped with care from Portland, OR. USA

Gluminous™ is the trademark and part of the brand family of Happy Wire Dog LLC.