Day & Night Painting

Ornella created this work of art that is beautiful in both day and night. She mixed Gluminous pigments with normal acrylic paints and matte fluid medium to achieve these results.

“It represents peace, harmony and strength. I always wanted a painting that would look different during the day and at night and would inspire me during thought days and remind me that the best is yet to come. It glows beautifully in the dark as you can see in the picture. Gluminous pigment has been my favorite to use this far because it glows the right color in the dark. This painting is 2×2.

I used both colored acrylic and matte fluid medium. The small circular symbols on the center of the painting were a mixture of the pigment and the colored acrylic. The grass was a mixture of the pigment and the acrylic medium painted over the dried colored acrylic.”

Thanks Ornella for sharing your process and the results of your amazing work!

Photochromic Pendant

Valerie used Gluminous photochromic powders mixed with clear resin to create these fun, quirky color changing pendants. Inside they are a milky off-white color. Outside in the sun they turn a deep purple. She has made them in variety of different colors and styles, all with the photochromic color changing effect.

Don’t have the time to make your own right now. Why not let Valerie make one for you! These and many other photochromic accessories are available for purchase over in her Etsy shop.